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The present Informative report on the privacy describes as the personal information is picked up, you use and it shared when it is visited or there takes place a purchase with (the "Site").

Personal information that we pick up
When he visits ​​ Site, we pick up automatically determinate information about your device, between whose information about your browser web, address IP, time zone and some of the cookie installed on your device. Besides, while you sail in the Site, we pick up information about the single Web pages or products that you visualise, which Web sites or terms of research refer you to the Site and information on as you interact with the Site. We refer to this information picked up automatically like "Information about the device".

We pick up the information about the device using the next technologies:
- The "cookie" are a file of since they are inserted on your device or computer and often they include an anonymous univocal identificator. For further information about the cookie and on how to disable the cookie, to visit
- The "Register files" hold trace of the actions that are verified on the Site and pick up data between which I address IP, type of browser, provider of Internet services, pages of reference / exit and data / hour.
- "Web beacon", "tag" and "pixels" are electronic files used for recording information about the navigation of the site.

Besides, when does it make a purchase or tries to make a purchase through the Site, we pick up some information of you, between whose name, address of invoicing, address of forwarding, information of payment (included numbers of credit card, I address e-mail and I number of telephone. to this information as "Information about the order".

When we talk about "personal Information" in this Informative report about the privacy, we are speaking that it should be of Information about the device than of Information about the order.

how do we use your personal information?
We use the Information about the order that we pick up generally to evade any order made through the Site (included the elaboration of the information of payment, the organisation of the forwarding and the invoices supply and / or order confirmations). Besides, we use the Information about the order for:
- To communicate with you;
- Screening of our orders for potential risks or frauds; and
- In line with the preferences that you have shared with us, there supply to you information or publicity relative to our products or services.

We use the information about the device that we pick up to help us to individualise potential risks and frauds (particularly, your address IP) and, more in general, to improve and to optimise our site (for example, generating analysis on as our clients sail and interact with the Site and to value the success of our advertising campaigns and of marketing).

Sharing of the personal information
We share your personal information with third parts to help us to use your personal information, as described above. For example, we use Shopify to feed our on-line business: you can read further information on as Shopify uses your personal information here: We use also Google Analytics to help us to understand how our clients use the Site - you can read more on as Google uses your personal information here: You can de-activate also Google Analytics here:

At last, we might share also your personal information to adapt us to the laws and to the applicable rules, to reply to a quotation, a research mandate or other licit requests for the information that we receive or to protect otherwise our rights.

Behavioural publicity
As described above, we use your personal information in order that looked publicity supplies to you or communications of marketing that we keep could interest you. For further information about the functioning of the looked publicity, it is possible to visit the educational page of the Network Advertising Initiative (" NAI)" to the address

You can de-activate the looked publicity using the next link:
- Facebook: tab=ads
- Google:
- Bing:

Besides, you can de-activate some of these services visiting the portal of opt-out of Digital Advertising Alliance to the address:

Do not trace out
You bear in mind that we do not change the harvesting of the data of our site and the use practices when we see a signal of not tracing of your browser.

Your rights
If you reside in Europe, you have the right of entering the personal information in our possession and of asking that your personal information is corrected, you update or eliminate. If you want to exercise this right, we pray you to contact ourselves through the contact information in succession.

Besides, if you are an European resident, we notice that we are elaborating your information in order to carry out to the contracts that we might have with you (for example if it makes an order through the Site) or otherwise to pursue our commercial above listed legitimate interests. Besides, you bear in mind that your information will be transferred out of the Europe, included the Canada and the United States.

Conservation of the data
When it makes an order through the Site, we will keep the Information about your order for our archives unless and until you do not ask us of eliminating such information.

The changes
From time to time we might update this informative report on the privacy in order to reflect, for example, modifications to our practices or for other operative, legal or normative reasons.

The minors
The site is not destined to persons of age inferior to 14 years.

Contact us
For further information about our practices about the privacy, in case of questions or if a claim is wanted to present, it is prayed to contact via e-mail to the address
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