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Train like never before with FitPaddy!

To train at your best it is essential to have adequate tools and accessories, specially designed for motor and sports activities such as yoga, pilates and fitness. Do not improvise and avoid using towels or, worse, the floor. Take care of your body without sacrificing the safety of a professional tool.

With FitPaddy Mat you can train anywhere comfortably and with high quality standards, also thanks to the innovative design of the Allinea system.

Despite being a high-end mat, FitPaddy Mat is available at an affordable and significantly lower price than other equal level products.



dimensions 183 x 61 x 0,6 cm
100% recyclable material
ultralight: only 800 gr
guidelines for posture
washable with water

Change the way you train

FitPaddy Mat is equipped with the Allinea system: the surface of the mat is characterized by special engravings and guidelines that help to assume the right alignment of the body and to maintain it during the execution of the exercises. Thanks to the Align system, you can train without errors, comfortably and increasing the effectiveness of exercise times.

The FitPaddy Mat mats are made of TPE, a high-quality and completely recyclable ecological materialcharacterized by high elasticity, anti-slip properties, impermeability, particularly resistant to wear, odorless, hypoallergenic and easily washable to ensure maximum hygiene.

Have you ever worked out without getting the desired results?

With FitPaddy Mat you will immediately be able to train correctly and effectively, simply by aligning your body with the guidelines printed on the mat.

Have you ever used makeshift, slippery or low-quality floor mats?

With FitPaddy Mat, quality is guaranteed. The non-slip material and the raised texture of the mat surface prevent slipping during training.


Strengths of FitPaddy Mat

Quality of material: FitPaddy Mat mats protect joints and knees, allowing you to not slip and maintain balance. The non-slip material therefore reduces the risk of injury. The quality of the material helps to avoid skin irritation or other dermatological problems.

  • Respect for the environment: the mats are made of fully recyclable TPE. FitPaddy Mat is free of PVC, BPA, lead, phthalates, dioxins.
  • Perfect Size: FitPaddy Mat's size fits all builds. Length 183 cm, width 61 cm, thickness 6 mm.
  • Guidelines: Unlike other mats FitPaddy Mat has the Allinea System, guidelines that improve stability and help to assume and maintain the correct position.
  • Convenient to carry: given the weight of only 800 g and the supplied lanyard FitPaddy Mat is comfortable and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Easy to clean: FitPaddy Mat can be cleaned simply with a non-abrasive sponge and a small drop of dish soap diluted with water. Our advice is to clean the mat once every 5-10 uses.


The training kit

FitPaddy Mat's goal is to offer you a one-of-a-kind training experience. Thanks to the guidelines engraved in the FitPaddy Mat you will be able to train correctly, thus managing to have appreciable results in a shorter time.

What is included in the package?

  • FitPaddy Mat
  • elastic bands for transport

In addition to the contents of the box, FitPaddy offers you a 30-day money back guarantee.


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